British Airways

Reinventing the digital experience for airline passengers

The Brief

British Airways is the largest airline in the UK but, like many market leaders, protecting market share is a challenge. The British Airways executive team appointed The BIO Agency as their digital transformation partner to redefine how passengers interact with the brand.

The Approach 

British Airways needed to reinvent the digital experience for their customers to improve loyalty, satisfaction and efficiencies. Our solution needed to provide clear ways for passengers to contact British Airways and sort out problems as they arise, quickly and simply. An urgent business requirement was to improve Net Promoter Scores (NPS), and it was imperative that BIO was able to mobilise and deliver rapidly.

The Work

We looked at British Airways' service model to identify where digital could alleviate customer pain-points to improve the user experience. After conducting customer research with frequent flyers, we had 14 weeks to make changes to the service. By creating new customer journeys and streamlining the architecture, it allowed us to identify a number of opportunities to better serve people through launching new service tools, initially on mobile.

As a complex organisation, British Airways has multiple stakeholders – we therefore had to engage across the entire business to get buy-in to the transformation programme. For the project we interviewed over 200 customers giving us insights which we fed into the design and approach. Weekly user testing facilitated iterative development based on feedback. This allowed us to get to beta in 14 weeks.

The results