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We draw on a number of carefully crafted tools unique to BIO. Using these methodologies and accelerators ensures that our work has real impact and is always centred around real human behaviour.

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Behavioural Profiles

Personas aren’t enough for our complex world. Though they’re a great place to start they lack depth and are often viewed as project deliverables rather than insightful tools. So we’ve stopped using them. Instead, we weave key scenarios into psychographic profiles to deduce real human behaviour in real situations. The end result is genuine and robust insights on how different people behave ‘in the moment’, allowing us to design products and services that not only meet expectations, but exceed them.

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Service Innovation Framework

To leapfrog your competitor’s service offering or find new sources of revenue you need a clear vision and roadmap for the future. Enter our Service Framework. It’s a proven approach using robust market analysis teamed with human-centred and data-driven user research. Armed with these insights we create a service vision and transformation roadmap that sets a clear path for the whole organisation. And to help you raise the funds to move swiftly into delivery, individual innovations cited on the roadmap are backed with actionable business cases.

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Product Accelerator

Understanding the nuances of human behaviour and using it to inform product and service design is something we do every day. So sometimes we have a pretty strong hunch about what might be the right solution to a problem. In moments like these we rely on our experience and expertise to rapidly move from hypothesis to prototype, which we put in the hands of users as quickly as possible. Testing it out early on informs subsequent design work, scrutinises our hunches and allows us to flexibly pivot on the proposition – all in a flash.

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How do you solve a problem like Omnichannel? It’s been a challenge for many businesses that we have worked with over the last few years and we’ve learnt a lot – mainly that there are commonalities across customer journeys however disparate the industries and brands. Drawing on all this knowledge gives us a head start. We’ve developed an Omni-X Toolkit giving us the foundations for an omnichannel experience. It means we can accelerate future projects with ready-to-go insights and assets, empowering us to spend more time focusing on what really makes a differentiated service and brand.

BIO Tools

Experience Performance Modelling

McKinsey say that 70% of transformation projects fail, so how do we ensure ours succeed? At BIO we’ve taken steps to make our experience design and digital transformation projects fully accountable in terms of real business impact. Experience Performance Modelling brings together our expertise in data science, customer experience and human-centred design. It enables focused innovation on what matters most, forecasting the impact of opportunities on key business performance metrics before investing in delivery.

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Living Design Systems

Managing complex projects involving many different skill sets and handover points is a challenge. We’ve helped solve it by creating Living Design Systems: iterative libraries housing design assets from Day 1 of a project. We connect everything from flows to atomic toolkits to brand guidelines in a single, centralised location, giving everyone at every stage a holistic view of product assets. It’s shareable and maintainable and ensures both consistency and velocity for UI and development teams entering Delivery.

BIO Tools

Personalisation Framework

Every person is different, which means every customer is too. Different values and different motivations drive different behaviour. So why do brands treat most customers the same? Service homogenisation is the root of countless business challenges, principally long-term customer engagement. Our progressive personalisation framework fights this with a vengeance, capturing robust 360° views of your customers to understand how, where and when they expect to interact with your brand. It means you can meet your customers right where they are and serve them as if they’re the only one that counts.

BIO Tools

Product Launch Programme

Designing and building a product is tricky. Launching it is a whole different ball game. Should you pilot it? Where, and with whom? How do you measure success? What if something – or lots of things – goes wrong? These are the kinds of questions that are easily put to rest with our Product Launch Programme. It allows us to thoughtfully pilot digital products, facilitate internal adoption, closely monitor performance in the market and intelligently respond to customer and employee feedback.

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