Published Summer 2016

There’s a service revolution going on. This white paper looks at the consumer trends driving change and provides a blueprint for developing best-in-breed services.

The service revolution means that traditional product and service organisations must up their game and fight back, using service design to transform their customer experience.

In today’s world, an abundance of choice and diminishing appetite for ownership of physical products means that manufacturers and retailers are under pressure to transition to service-based businesses. They will need to successfully adopt service design methodologies if they are to survive.

This White Paper presents brands delivering great CX and includes exclusive YouGov research that highlights current consumer attitudes to service. It explains service flow theory and provides a framework for how a service design mindset can be introduced into any business.

  • Why customer experience is now crucial
  • Expert insight into service design and consumer mindsets
  • Case studies and exclusive stakeholder interviews for the Post Office and Transport for London
  • Suggestions for how to create a best-in-breed customer experience
  • Predictions for the future of service delivery
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