Experience Design is the practice of designing processes, products and services with a focus placed on the quality of the customer experience. 

So how do we optimise the customer experience?

Despite popular belief, Experience Design isn’t a creative discipline. In fact, it’s almost purely scientific. 

Two well-established scientific disciplines, Neuroscience and Behavioural Economics, can provide Experience Designers with a foundation for understanding and influencing customer behaviour in both online and offline environments. 

As Experience Design specialists, it’s our job to understand, develop and incorporate principles from these scientific disciplines into our work in order to create exceptional experiences that are based on real customer behaviour. 

This session is an opportunity for industry leaders to learn how The BIO Agency have combined Neuroscience and Behavioural Economics with Experience Design, to help organisations understand and positively influence customer behaviour using a methodology we call, the Behaviour Change Framework.

The session will include an explanation of the scientific theory as well as a walkthrough of the framework using one of our more notable client case studies. 

Join us and industry experts as we ditch the creative jabber and start the dialogue about something irrefutable – science. 

Register here.


09:00 – Introduction to The BIO Agency

09:05 – Workshop: The Science of Experience Design

09:45 – Q&A

10:00 – Close

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