Published Winter 2019

IDC Technology Spotlight

The customer experience (CX) isn’t the responsibility of one single department. It goes way beyond individual teams. A customer-centric ethos must permeate an entire company and cover each and every step of the customer journey.

The majority of companies have already engaged in, or are in the middle of, some kind of transformation programme to enhance their CX and reduce friction. According to IDC’s 2017 Customer Experience Barometer Survey, businesses now spend 8% more on solutions that can improve CX, and two-third of IDC respondents stated they were raising their investment by 3-9%. The importance of achieving best-in-class CX is clear in the age of hyper-competition. But are brands getting the expected ROI?

In this IDC Technology Spotlight, Alan Webber, Research Director, Digital Strategy and Customer at IDC, discusses the challenges faced by organisations when linking up digital transformation investment with the actual outcomes. It explores:

  • The Customer Experience Transformation Landscape
  • Why the majority of current CX improvement initiatives lack the necessary means to tie the CX change with hard business metrics
  • Why measuring success starts with understanding the customer – and why brands should stop looking at personas as a customer data bible
  • How organisations can tie NPS back to revenue by utilising behavioural science. 
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