AuthorPublished 11 Feb 2019 1 Min Read

Online retail giant Amazon recently announced to the world that their Q4 net income for 2018 broke records in the history of the business. Not only was it their best quarter, 2018 was also their best year. However, when 2019 Q1 revenue guidance fell below expectations, share prices slid.

This self-anticipated slowdown is being attributed to a predicted increase in investment back into the business in 2019, compared to last year’s reduced spending, as well as new e-commerce regulations being introduced in India, a rapidly growing market for Amazon. 

BIO CEO Peter Veash spoke to BBC Business Breakfast to discuss the future of Amazon. He sees them as very much in pole position; although a slowdown is predicted, there is still room for massive growth for the retail giant. As a brand, they’re diversifying heavily. Their marketplace is making more money than direct sales, and their inevitable heavy shift into the advertising space will allow them to seriously challenge the likes of Google and Facebook – in other words, watch this space. But Peter believes that in order for this to be achieved an integrated customer-centric approach is vital.