BIO Breakfast Event- How to structure innovation that works for your boardroom as well as your customers

Innovation is the flavour of our times. The past decade has seen it move from being an interesting concept to become one of greatest importance with everyone, from start-ups to corporate giants, placing it at the top of their agenda. Organisations must “out-innovate” the competition or risk being left behind, becoming an also-ran story as others capture and redefine their market. 

But this raises some interesting questions: What is innovation? How do you “do” it effectively? And what is the boardroom looking for in new propositions?

The problem we encounter is not that everyone has their own version of what innovation is, but rather this version often exclusively revolves around desirability – how can we design products and services that address real needs in new and interesting ways. 

A mix between “give the people what they want” and “build it and they will come”.

While this might be fine for VC funded startups (only 18% of unicorns are profitable), in an existing company where stakeholders have different demands this is simply unacceptable (and it may be coming to an end for startups too).

Now don’t get us wrong, desirability absolutely has its place, but it’s not a solo act. Designing products to address real needs is easy, designing a business that can address these needs efficiently, profitably and with a long-term platform for growth is hard.

This session is an opportunity for industry leaders to learn how The BIO Agency have combined Design Thinking and Strategy Consulting in a new innovative framework. Far from old concepts packaged in a new way, our Business Innovation Framework closes the loop between great ideas and dependable execution. 

Packed with insights, case studies and provocative questions for you to take back inside your organisation, we have designed this framework to help cut through the noise and get to the heart of what really matters.

Join us and industry experts as we discuss the opportunity to deliver innovative ideas, products and services that work in the real world. 


Hosted by the award-winning digital agency consultancy, The BIO Agency*.


09:00 – Introduction to The BIO Agency

09:05 – Workshop: How to design a business

09:45 – Q&A

10:00 – Close 

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