Published November 2018

BIO recently hosted the second of the agency’s intimate breakfast events, this time focusing on the healthcare and pharma sector. A number of high-profile experts from world-leading pharma brands came in to discuss the key challenges faced by sector leaders and explore potential solutions to major digital transformation blockers.

Despite a massive influx of new digital health products over the last few years, with over 300k health apps now available, our newest research shows that pharmaceutical providers and patient solutions are still treated with suspicion.

During the session, we talked about the ways in which digital service design can regain patients’ and HCPs’ trust, and how patient engagement solutions can help to shift power back in to their hands.

Many thanks to everyone who joined this insightful morning! We’re already looking forward to January’s session, where we’ll be discussing the telecom sector and how omnichannel strategy can help to deliver better customer experiences.

Interested in attending? Drop us an email and come along on 31 January 2019 for our BIO breakfast event here at our London office. If you’re working in a sector other than telecoms, why not subscribe to our monthly newsletter and be the first one to know about upcoming events and our most recent insights in digital transformation. 

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