Design systems and toolkits have become the buzzwords of experience design. These almost mythical entities seek to solve many of the issues around efficiency, consistency, and ultimately, scalability that plague the digital design and development world. 

As experience designers we seek to develop ground-breaking products while hitting business KPIs, but this is something that takes time. Time costs, and the price of reaching digital nirvana often gives stakeholders an understandable feeling of impending doom. How can we save time and reduce costs for our clients while creating more consistent, intuitive experiences?

By approaching digital design in a methodical way, we can not only solve inefficiency at a granular level, with tool kits and pattern libraries, but also at the process level. We do this by tackling asset documentation and alignment of UX, UI and development: a holistic approach that connects all the dots, a single source of truth – better known as a design system.

Join us for our next BIO Breakfast Event on the 26th May. 

Packed with insights, case studies and live demonstrations, this session gives us the opportunity to understand the what, and why, of design systems. Register here. We’ll look at how to maintain them, and how they can help everyone from creator to consumer, from designer to corporation, save the most valuable resource of all: time. Finally, we’ll answer one of the biggest conundrums of systematic design: now you’ve achieved consistency, how do you maintain creativity? 

Register here.

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